About Us

Meet Our Team

The beautiful mother-daughter duo behind ESV Beauty.

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E’Spreance Bliger(Founder) & Patricia Bligen(Co-Founder)

Hello there! Welcome to ESV Beauty! We are a mother-daughter team based in North Carolina. We’ve always enjoyed using our creativity and knowledge of beauty products to make beautiful things and share them with the world. Our journey began in 2019 while I, E’Spreance, was attending college. Through dedication, I researched and studied skin care and natural ingredients to start, then began making products. In 2022, my business struggled through the pandemic. My sweet and passionate mother, Patricia, joined me to help re-vamp the entire ESV Beauty brand, and I credit so much of our success to her. Together we have found a passion along with a career we love.

We started this beauty brand because we wanted to offer skincare with natural ingredients that are great for the skin. Every person deserves to feel their best, and we think you should be able to do it without having to sacrifice your health or your wallet. We value the ability to make people feel beautiful, both inside and out, and believe that this view can change the world. We want to help you be your most beautiful self. That’s why we’ve created our line of handmade products with ingredients that nourish your body and soul.  

We believe that beauty doesn’t just come from what you put on your face; it comes from what you put in it too. That is why all our products are made with high-quality ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, just to name a few. We don’t just stop at making sure our products are healthy – we make sure they smell delicious too.